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Barefoot Cafe

by Charlie Grosso

Hanoi — I roam around Hanoi on my 125cc motorbike (Sylvia is her name) and alternate cafes for offices. Today’s office is actually called The KAfe. The crowd is a mixture of Vietnamese and expats. The blond wood is too hip and the cupcakes too Western for those came searching for Graham Green’s Vietnam. The coffee is good. The internet speedy. The electrical outlets are accessible and the staff doesn’t s...

Cities, Culture, Travel

On cities that were made for friendship

by Dani Z

Barcelona — I went back to Barcelona. I was there for almost all of October, which is just enough time to get over jet lag, readjust, fall back into your old life and then say good bye all over again. I spent my...

Travel, Art, Street Art

The graffiti in Reykjavík is subtly different from elsewhere.

by Colin Wright

Reykjavik — Part of the difference is due to the difference in alphabet — there are characters used in the Icelandic language that slip off the Americanized tongue at first, but quickly become familiar the more y...

Conversations, World Affairs, Culture

"I'm from Libya," he said. I don't know what to say. It's as if he'd told me he'd just come from his father's funeral.

by sophie knight

Tokyo — There are places whose names have a palpably tragic resonance; places you only know from the news, places that you saw plastered across front pages, gouged heads dripping blood, F16s swooping over he...

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