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Never walk alone

by Luis Mendo

Tokyo — Yesterday I left the house and forgot to pick up my sketchbook. This is not the first time since I have a shitty memory but when I found out it was not in my bag, I felt horrible. It totally felt – and excuse me for the cliche – as walking naked. I had to get some papers from the office and draw on them (pict above). In my sketchbook I learned to write down dates on the page corners so I can find...

drawing, Balance, self Help for dummies

This is how tilted I draw. The same goes for taking photos.

by Luis Mendo

Tokyo — Somehow I cannot draw (or take photos) straight. I am completely sure this has something to do with my general lack of balance in my physical being, the asymmetry of my body (for instance my left foo...

comic strips, drawing, Psychoanalysis

In your "pods"

by Shu Kuge

Tokyo — Small deaths, big deaths, wasted dreams and unfulfilled wishes are all preserved in your “pods.” You will never let them go—you just can’t say good-bye to them. You even pretend that they are still ...

drawing, Travel

A few months after my departure, I found myself crossing some Himalaya mountains on my tiny custom build Chinese bike.

by Boris Pink

Deqen — Fortunately, two days before I had met Martin from Uruguay. He was joking about my bike and I hated him for that (though he was right). However, he had some experience cycling the world and he agreed ...

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