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Holy Places, Kumano Kodo

A wall of hinoki

by Craig Mod

Ise — The fence you see is wood hewn from hinoki1. This hinoki fence glowed. It was unnaturally smooth to the touch. The sort of smooth you want to take your face to, to push your cheek against and close your eyes and … no no no, you stop yourself. You don’t want to be scolded by a priest. The posts, also glowing, anchoring the boards, were so round as to feel they had sprouted from the ground just lik...

Holy Places

"And the legend says you shall come back where you once were born. Or there where you once died."

by Luis Mendo

Tokyo — Some years ago, I was walking in Meiji Jingu with some friends and a Indian man came to us and ask “where he could find God” in Japan, since in that shrine there was no god. We told him maybe Kamakura...

Holy Places

The sacrifice holiday

by Cassie Marketos

Istanbul — Today is the first day of Eid al-Adha, “The Sacrifice Bayram” in Turkey. In homage to the prophet Abraham, who was willing to sacrifice his own son for God, people gather in the streets and slaughter ...

Babies, Holy Places, Parenthood

Babies and grapes.

by Craig Mod

London — When we purchased the bag of grapes early in the morning at Borough Market — one of the oldest in London — I had no idea just how useful they’d turn out to be. We hung them on the back of the strolle...

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