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Iceland, Dreams, mountains

Dreaming in and on.

by Ricardo Magalhães

Reykjavik — Waking up by the Icelandic mountains was quiet and sweet. “I’ve had dreams which felt soft as wool”, I remember thinking shortly after waking up. It may have been because of the constant sights of sheep, literally by the thousands in just a few days driving around Southeast Iceland, that made me think of wool. Or the dreams were probably really just that soft. Looking out the window at 6h35am I ...


I closed my eyes, leant on my companion's shoulder, and silently thanked Iceland's hidden people for creating this gently steaming pool.

by Aaron Davies

Stykkishólmur — We had followed some vague directions found online, following a dirt road through a lava field, past a ruin of a house inhabited only by sheep until we came to the end of the road. And then we walked,...

photography, Iceland, Winter

The Lone Church, Western Iceland

by Greg Annandale

West — Ingjaldsholskirkja (yes I also haven’t got the faintest clue how to pronounce that), Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland. Having stopped off at some stunning sea cliffs on the Snæfellsnes peninsula for su...

Iceland, Roadtrip, mountains

Yes, I'll have my cappuccino with a view, please.

by Ricardo Magalhães

South — Day 1 on our Icelandic road trip. I’m exhausted, sleep deprived, and I struggle to find the energy to write these words. I really wanted to write something up though, mostly because I feel like Icela...

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