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Creative Non-fiction

by David Wade Chambers

Melbourne — As I move into Old Age, I think back on my life as being organized into compartments (about which more in a minute). My favorite compartment was in my forties, when I had a wonderful job writing textbooks for a Distance Education program at a new Australian university located just off the Great Ocean Road. I wrote something like 15 books over the period of a decade. The titles reflected the rem...

Memory, Joy, Life History

Choose the Moment

by Stephanie Sommers

Douglas — Very rarely do I lament the alternate realities I might have lived had one moment or another gone differently than it did in my current reality, and rarely do I dwell on the few things I didn’t do whe...

Friends, childhood, Life History

Returning to something that you left so far in your past, you almost forgot about it.

by Mariah Hillis

Saskatoon — There are two types of childhood friends. The ones that survive the ups and downs of life. They are there through moves, puberty, and growing up. Those friends you might not see or talk to every day, ...

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reconnections, sad news, missed trains and getting a piece of my life back… interesting morning today

by Carlos Araya

Mountain view — I had a doctor’s appointment that ended really early in Palo Alto. I was careful to the point of asking the conductor if the train stopped in San Antonio and heard very clearly that it was the next on...

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