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Day 47 #100happydays: Dwellings

by So-Shan Au

London — Exploring the back streets of Chelsea today with my Mum and sister. I like afternoons like that, unexpected, but fun exploring a new location. You’d never believe we were Londoners - we got on the wrong bus, had to make an unexpected detour, and rather than walk on the main road, we went exploring around the lovely squares, coming across some lovely church towers and lovely buildings. I love the...

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#100HappyDays, Love london, friendship

Day 38 #100happydays: Switch House

by So-Shan Au

London — An afternoon off work to spend time with a friend visiting from New York. We started off with yummy pasta and proseco (doing our best impression of ‘ladies’ who lunch) and living la dolce vita! Then a...

#100HappyDays, Ghostbusters, Love london

Day 37 #100happydays: Who you gonna call? 

by So-Shan Au

London — Ghostbusters! Ecto-1 spotted on my walk to the office. And it followed me across Blackfriars Bridge, where it got stuck in traffic.

#100HappyDays, Love london, friendship

Day 24 #100happydays: Rainbow love

by So-Shan Au

London — Walking to the station after a work colleague’s retirement drinks, and was heartened to see this building lit up in rainbow colours, in memory of the Orlando shooting and victims. I work with a lovel...

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