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Origins, Memories

Where I come from

by Luis Mendo

Salamanca — This is the house where I was born. My mother gave birth before the doctor could reach it. Maybe because it used to be on the edge of the city. Behind the house lived some gipsies (one of them became quite famous rebel against Franco’s regime) and the fields started. We weren’t allowed to play there. I would sit down at that doorstep and eat “ice creams” with my brother. They were just frozen Fant...

Memories, storm, swimming pool

The beautiful storm that made me a man.

by Luis Mendo

Tokyo — One hot summer day, I was 14 and got the idea of going to the swimming pool with a friend. My mother, who would have normally go with me – actually I would go with them – insisted that storm was forec...

Travel, Memories, Winter

Something woke me up at 3:30am

by Donovan Bui

Berlin — In reality, it was the time difference between Berlin and home, but I’ll probably remember it as the snow calling us to see it fall together for the first time. For just a little while, we had the wh...

Memories, declutter, home

28 kilograms.

by Ricardo Magalhães

Porto — Twenty eight kilograms. That’s 62 pounds, or 4.4 stone. It doesn’t seem like much, if we’re talking about twenty eight kilograms of cement, or even twenty eight kilograms of wood for the fireplace. I...

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