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by Taylor Davidson

New york — The Met is a beautiful place to explore. Every time we go, we find something new or forgotten. The Met hides surprises in it’s nooks and crannies, and if you’re willing to follow your nose (or a guide) you’ll be rewarded by the exhibits tucked away from the crowd. Yesterday, it was the Damascus Room that we found. She had been there before on her first tour of the Met, but had forgotten where it ...


Alice stares out over Paris

by Patrick McDonald

Paris — People say the French are rude. I’m not sure they deserve this reputation—they’re just more honest. If they don’t like you than they simply never talk to you. If they do than they always try to make y...

Architecture, Museums

Thank you Sir Norman!

by Adrian Tribe

London — I count it a real privilege to work so close to this magnificent bit of architecture - the Great Court at the British Museum. Designed by Sir Norman Foster, it is made from 3,312 differently shaped pi...

reflections, Museums

Light reflected off streaming water

by David Wade Chambers

Berriedale — In this remarkable water fountain, the latest Google trends are displayed through light reflected off streaming water falling just inches before the face of a bedrock wall. Much of the Museum of Old ...

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