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RIP, Melvin

by Connie Tsang

New orleans — On an evening in March 2011, I’m in New Orleans. I’m on my bike, lost, and I stupidly stop on an unlit residential street to get my bearings. A pick-up truck rolls by and the driver, a burly elderly man, stares as he passes. Shit, I think. Go on, dude. Nothing to see here. I wave him forward. This doesn’t work; the brake lights engage. “Are you lost?” he asks. I lie. “No. I’m just taking a break...

People, age, stage

on turning 31.

by celine semaan vernon

New york — It took me a while to remember how it was like last year when I shared my 30th birthday with you. A little panicked by the blank that my memory drew - a long loading bar of white fog, I was searching ...

People, Culture

A matter of tribes.

by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — I’ve been out and about a lot lately. At events, at gatherings, at workshops. I’ve been inside and outside my tribes. The tribes I’m talking about are the tribes that Malcolm Gladwell talks about. Th...

Observed, marathon, running

Never thought a marathon was inspiring before.

by celine semaan vernon

New york — Today NYC stopped doing what it normally does. (Sunday 10 am.) We were waiting to cheer our friends running the NYC Marathon. 5 bouroughs: 42.195 km or 26.219 mi and over 45K runners. To me this was ...

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