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by Craig Mod

Kade — Hello, I say. Hello, she says. What’s your name? Ophelia. Her name is Ophelia. She says this and then gives me the look — the look I get from so many of the Africans, the look I initially misread but, now, think (foolishly) I understand. The same silly “understanding” that fuels imperialists and missionaries, I suppose. The look: It’s a hard look. A tough look. A facade. A suspicion, rightfull...

Africa, Portraits

Sammy the prophet

by Craig Mod

West akim — Africa burns my eyes and sets my nerves on edge. He tells me this is a country in which everything is out to hurt you, white man — the insects, the water, the Nigerian road marauders. Nigerian road ...


this is my dad.

by Sean Murphy

Canton — Around two years ago my Father, Michael, was diagnosed with stage four Renal Cell Carcinoma, known commonly as cancer of the kidney. He had shown no symptoms previous to waking up one day and not b...


Get your fresh fruit and veggies right here ... off the street ...

by Peter Nacken

Addis ababa — A very typical street scene. Things that you are supposed to eat lay very close to car exhaust and animal feces … rigorous washing of those items is mandatory and still does not keep away the occa...

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