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Tarlabasi Boulevard

by Cassie Marketos

Istanbul — Every time I come to Turkey, I think it will be the last time. Unlike those times, is this time. I bought a one-way ticket. My best friend Kate lives on a tiny street off Tarlabasi Boulevard, in a bad part of town with an incredible view. Historically, the district has been home to lower income residents of Greek and Armenian descent, as well as marginalized social groups like transsexuals, sex ...

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Rendezvous Geometry

by Boryana Dzhambazova

New york — I grew up in a small town in post-communist Eastern Europe, where, as a local song puts it, “there is not much to do besides falling in love”. The next best thing was to hear your friends tell you: “L...

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Today's office.

by Jordan Clarke

Victoria — Victoria’s Atrium building — sitting snuggly on Blanshard Street between Johnson and Yates — is a beautiful piece of architecture and one of my favourite places to work. There’s no obligation to buy a...

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Beautiful day at work

by Sasha Hull

Calgary — I’ve never had so much satisfaction walking from the car to work as I do now. A small part of it has to do with the setting, autumn is gorgeous in Calgary. Some say it is a little monotonous with too...

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