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by Sanna Karlsson

Örebro — What’s the opposite of casting a shadow? Whatever it is called, it’s what the street lights are doing to your ceiling right now. The weeping figs and the monstera and the giant peace lily create ghostly silhouettes against the naked windows. There’s a big rectangle of light above the window, almost precisely along the width of it, but it is somewhat askew. How annoying for an orderly person like ...

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Stories I Couldn't Tell Her - Part 1 of Countless

by Marion Esquillo

Makati city — She’ll never admit just how beautiful she is. But you have to tell her. She won’t tell you to stop. But when she does, tell her anyway. Tell it to her by the way you look at her. Tell it to her before...

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Thought on the way into work about imperfection

by Hadge Hughes

Lancing — The glory of our humanity is our imperfection. Our imperfection invites others to love us unconditionally and unconditional love is what, in the end, will perfect us.

Random Thoughts, library

My second home.

by Andrea Flores Hernández

Santa cruz de la sierra — This library is ubicated at L’alliance Française-Goethe Zentrum where I study french. After my journalism’s classes, I always, always go to the library. I go from 6pm until it is hour for my french cl...

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