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Update, Edit, Update

by Steve Dearden

Ilkley — As I wrote my commission for Wakefield Litfest last year, Wakelost Wakefound, I found myself writing more and more on screen. I don’t just mean on the computer, I mean in WordPress, pushing Update and rereading on the site, then going back into Edit Page to work the text, updating and rereading, then back to Edit. I found it impossible to write this piece in the normal way I would write, offline...

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Reading in airplanes.

by david frança mendes

Curitiba — Are you like me, you panic if you don’t have a book with you on a flight? I don’t remember the last time, if ever, I boarded a plane without reading material. Lots of it. Usually I would carry on at l...

silence, Reading, library

Inside the newly renovated Picton Reading Room.

by Paul B

Liverpool — The picture here was taken in the ‘Picton Reading Room’ of Liverpool’s recently renovated Central Library and features a bust of Sir James Picton, who campaigned to have the library built and be the f...

Train, Rail, Railway

The train lovers book club? Or the book lovers train club?

by Paul B

Liverpool — Something about the sound of the train drifting away draws me into this cheeky little picture! :)

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