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Joyous Onions

by Binu Alex

Ahmedabad — It was early 2001 and I met a man called Jagdish Nazareth. A simpleton who worked in drought hit areas of Gujarat advising farmers to shun chemical fertilizers and use pro-biotic fertilizer. One fine morning, he gave me 5 kilograms of Onion made from one such experiment and asked me to cut it at home and see if tears roll out of my eyes which is traditionally attached to onions. He was right. It t...

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It may be your prime time Arnab, Not ours

by Binu Alex

Ahmedabad — I had an invitation from Times Now during the Pulse price rise to come as one of the panelists to debate this issue. This came after two of my back to back interviews in Rediff and WSJ on the subject....

reporting, Journalism, India

The Good Old Ways of Reporting

by Binu Alex

Ahmedabad — Once upon a time – not long back – when I presented data with report to my editors I expected two thins from them. Who told you this? Can we attribute this to the source? If it is anonymous, give us t...

Energy, reporting

Wind Power

by Binu Alex

Dwarka — A lot of wind farms around this place but I still don’t understand why alternate energy sources have not yet taken off in India. Is there a lobby working against it or is it a real fact that producing...

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