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Kumano Kodo, Rivers, Travel

To the boat

by Craig Mod

Shingu — The stapled packet explained the region in elegant robot-translation poetry: Mountains upon mountains, deep and steep, since the times of ancient times, the Kii Mountain Range has been considered to be a special place where gods dwell. Mountains upon mountains, indeed! The views were extraordinary from the cradle of that range — ridges rising all around, flocks of birds atop various sandy a...

friendship, Rivers

We stretched our friendship by another day. The gators stretched themselves wherever they wanted.

by Michael Dechane

Tampa — It really must have been cold everywhere except Florida for the last few months… Every relative and almost every friend I have has visited the Sunshine State (and our apartment) in the last three we...

Commutes, Rivers

Going home

by Adrian Tribe

London — Spending the afternoon at a meeting in a different part of central London today gave me the opportunity to travel home from Blackfriars station, which makes a great spot for taking a photo as it now s...

Rivers, summer

Making waves

by Adrian Tribe

Maidstone — Well, ripples I suppose would be a more accurate description! It’s always a delight to return to the River Medway at Yalding, and my father and step mother spending a week staying near us provided a...

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