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Family, Scotland, childhood

The most beautiful place in the world

by Ellen Catriona

Portree — The natural beauty of the Isle of Skye, Scotland, is said to have inspired J.R.R. Tolkein as he wrote Lord of the Rings*. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Other natural wonders I’ve seen - the Great Barrier Reef, the Blue Pond of Biei - as well as man-made ones - Petra, Angkor Wat - have so far failed to convince me otherwise. And I’m confident that that no matter where I go in the ...

Travel, Scotland

Scottish vistas

by Karmon Runquist

Edinburgh — Sitting at the airport in Edinburgh, waiting to fly home. I spent two wonderful weeks exploring Scotland, and I know I have seen the smallest sampling. The architecture of Edinburgh’s Old and New Town...

Scotland, beauty, mountain

A remarkable journey to the land of castles and mountains, literally HEAVEN ON EARTH

by Ardra Dcruz

Edinburgh — We reached Aberdeen by around seven o’clock in the evening and it was surprising to see that the sun still shimmered through the clouds whereas in my city it gets dark by this time. The climate was ju...

Scotland, literature, story

"Woher kommt die Inspiration?" Aus dem Moment, aus den Geschichten, die dir das Leben erzählt.

by Hilke-Gesa Bußmann

Highland — Als Autor wirst du oft genug gefragt: “Woher nimmst du eigentlich die ganzen Ideen?”, “Was inspiriert dich?”, “Wer hat dich dazu gebracht?”, “Ist diese Geschichte ein Teil deines Lebens?” Und jedes Ma...

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