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Shopping, Escape

Another world.

by Gully Foyle

Tokyo — Amazing, our ability to cast our thoughts and senses to a different place and time, despite our bodies being where they are. I stopped for a moment to appreciate these two escapees, in seats on the main aisle of a busy electronics store on the busiest shopping day of the week. What are they feeling? What do they see? Perhaps, another world.

nature, industry, Shopping


by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Ullared — Of course you can see that giant Swedish shopping mall in the middle of seemingly pristine nature as something which doesn’t belong there. It’s not necessarily beautiful as a whole, it’s a place where...

Christmas, Shopping

Sailing smoothly

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Tübingen — As a matter of fact, it has ceased to be a problem. Seemingly, the absurdities of christmas can’t anger me any more, and you know the olde saying: if they can’t anger you, they can’t steal your time. ...

Christmas, Shopping

Try to survive christmas shopping.  Get up early, chances are that the others don't. Arrive at the supermarket as soon as it opens. Finish before the others arrive.

by Lars Kattge

Halle (saale) — 6 a.m. Be the early bird. Try to be at the superstore before the masses arrive. You know, it’s Christmas. People behave like stores are closed for two weeks instead for two days. You are clever and p...

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