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I've recently pulled myself off Facebook. Not a full deletion, of course. Just a safe deactivation. I also deleted my tweets.

by Tim Cosgrove

San francisco — I didn’t actually remove the Twitter account. I’m not going to readily come by @timcosgrove again anytime soon, and Twitter deletes a deactivated account after 30 days. Not like Facebook; Facebook will always take you back. I did delete my Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, because, who cares. Google+ is impossible to delete without divorcing yourself from the services, but I scrubbed as much out o...

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Well this should be the start of something. after not really taking part in social after secondary school, this might be the start of typing my opinions down again.

by Sebastian Stephenson

Leixlip — About a week later, I finally come back and write a “story” of my “sketch”. Who knew that even being unemployed, you still don’t have enough time. I studied Journalism and Visual Media in college and...

Social media

Free time meant something entirely different, in internet-free times. If you had a moment to enjoy, or tasks to complete, your focus was solely there - without thoughts of integration ...

by Lily Grujicic

Strongsville — … With an ‘augmented’ self. ‘Me’ was internal, rather than thoughts of (sharing with) ‘My’ …

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Design Nights are a thing I wish I'd known about in high school.

by líadan rí

San francisco — On the first Thursday of every month, the Autodesk gallery holds an event called “Design Night”, a night of food and drinks and exploring new technology coming from the halls of Autodesk and more. I’v...

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