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First frost.

by Shay Darrach

Toronto — When I first moved to the GTA in 2003, I had a car and was dependent on it for pretty much all travel. Eleven years and a couple months later, I biked to work on a blustery November day with tiny wet snowflakes blowing in my face. I hated my commute when I drove. Yesterday? I felt powerful and accomplished. I still hate Winter, but it can be pretty.

Bacon, Food, The weather

Snow? I only see bacon.

by Paul Farmiga

Clifton — Turn the radio on, people chirp about the snow. Turn on the tv, people warn about the snow. You can keep your warnings and first-world fears, I’m making bacon, putting it in a bowl, and taking a pictu...

Commutes, Weather, The weather

More travel chaos ...

by Steve Dearden

Leeds — … 0r, when did we forget how to live in weather? Listen to the news, read friends on twitter and you wouldn’t go anywhere today. Even sayhi says it - the wind is wild. And it is. A tree fell on my ...

The weather, cityscape

Rainy Winter City

by Shay Darrach

Toronto — You could be forgiven for thinking it’s Vancouver or Victoria, B.C. These endless grey days of “mist” and “fog”, interspersed with downpours, are certainly alien to my years of living in Toronto. And...

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