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Today's Coffee, Depression

Coffee for Depression

by David Wade Chambers

Queenstown — Sitting one morning at this coffee place (pictured above) in the ‘extreme sports capitol” of New Zealand, the table seemed almost to vibrate in resonance with the exhilaration of those heading out for a day of bungee jumping or paragliding and whatever damn fool things young people get up to these days. But one guy at the table looked sombre, withdrawn, unbearably sad. I stayed for a third mug w...

Today's Sunrise, Today's Coffee, health

Morning Cuppa

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — To say I rejoice in my first cup of coffee is no exaggeration. Within 20 minutes I go from bleary, grumpy, teary and tired to bright, energized and ready to meet the day. I suppose the sun rising b...

Today's Coffee, Brunch, Coffee

Whatever happened to Hi's Today's Coffee topic?

by David Wade Chambers

Shepherds flat — Not much of substance in the topic I suppose, but I enjoyed seeing the varieties of the coffee experience in the modern world. Not forgetting that the coffee house (along with algebra, the astrolabe ...

Today's Coffee

Coffee at The Piggery

by David Wade Chambers

Olinda — This morning we had our coffee al fresco at The Piggery in the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne. A very fine brew. The Piggery was one once, but now it’s left all that behind for a new upmarket life,...

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