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Amtrak workstations

by Christine Herrin

Berkeley — Remember all the talk about Amtrak writer residencies? Those could totally work. I see it now: Awesome view outside? Check. A food/drink car? Check. Smooth sailing? Check. Electrical sockets beside your seat? Check. Wide, comfy seats? Check. The most important thing? Wi-Fi. They even know writers so well that they’ve gone the extra mile: it only seems to work my phone, and not on the laptop!...


On the way back.

by Cassie Marketos

Pamplona — I’m really going to miss this place. I’m going to miss the balcony overlooking the tiny Old City street. I’m going to miss the coffee shop and the potato tortillas under glass. I’m going to miss my m...

Travel, Trains, Perseverance

Had to fight for space at the back of the train with a bunch of Afrikaners to get this shot.

by Matthew Mansfield

Puno — When this photo was taken, I could barely stand after suffering from severe altitude sickness after experiencing Puno’s altitude of 3860 meters (12420 feet) the previous day. Had been a miserable wret...

Food, Trains, Travel

A mild case of grape thievery.

by Cassie Marketos

Céret — I sit on the train to get here. I drink coffee and water in equal parts. The train does the work and I rest, like the rest of us, hungover, on the seat, my legs coiled. Instead of conversation, mutua...

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