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The Great Unbundling

by Robin Rendle

Amsterdam — Somehow I’ve found myself in a room bustling with all the languages of Europe—they’re mixing out in the dusty air around me; Dutch and German, Greek and French, others are arguing in Romanian (or perhaps Italian) whilst they nudge past their elderly counterparts, tourists speaking English. Although they all share their incompatible language with a neighbour, everyone around me can somehow communic...

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This could easily be the most beautiful place on earth I have ever seen!

by Peter Nacken

Cat hai district — Hạ Long Bay trip day 1 Saturday morning early wake up to be picked up at 7:30 and drive all the way to Hạ Long Bay across the murky, gray, drizzly north of Vietnam. We make a rest stop at a ‘stop ove...

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You never really know with cities. They’re like people, and you don’t always hit it off.

by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Hanoi — It’s nearly three in the morning in Hanoi, and I’ve awoken not from the random calls on the street below, or the occasional strange noise coming from the toilet in my bathroom, but the thoughts in my ...

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The motionless trip

by Philippe Castelneau

Montpellier — Sometimes, books are the shortest path from one point of the globe to another. This here is a picture of some travel writings books, taken in the bookstore I work in. (I must add, Nicolas Bouvier is ...

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