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Seeing it in print:One joy of a designer is the chance encounter with something you did.

by Roger Black

Hong kong — THE FIRST reaction is delight. The second is a little discomfort due to the context you find it in. The third is a little disgruntlement over the execution, production values, or things you had no control over. Walking down Pedder Street this afternoon, I has happy to see a poster for Hong Kong Tatler, showing the first cover from the redesign I worked on for the last six months. The headline was ...

Typography, sketching

Letter Together: Day One

by Michael Silva

San francisco — The type designer Matthew Carter is often quoted as saying, “Type is a beautiful collection of letters, not a collection of beautiful letters,” meaning that it’s more important for the letters to func...

lettering, Typography, fast food joints

The best part of Whiz Burgers’ menu is not the Fresh Banana Shake

by Stephen Coles

San francisco — Whiz Burgers is a classic fast food joint in San Francisco’s Mission District. It was founded in 1955 and there is a pretty good neon sign out front that proves it. The food is just ok, as far as old...

Calligraphy, Typography, Japanese

The practice is all that remains.

by Chris Palmieri

Tokyo — I remember a strong separation between practice and performance. Practice was private and ephemeral — the place you made all of your discoveries and mistakes. Performance was planned, shared, capture...

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