You are loved

November 29th, 2013, 9am

One night there was lunar eclipse that changed my life forever. They say when there is an eclipse it’s a huge explosion of accumulated energy. Everything that is hidden is illuminated. Everything we fear most we confront.

I was hurt very bad that night by a significant other and found out I was cheated on.

The year before I had to run from an abusive relationship. Surviving domestic abuse swept life right from under my feet. My sexuality caused a lot of hostility to develop around me, and because of no emotional or financial support the only place of solace was a fold-up cot with three other men in a shelter in Keene, NH.

In that time I learned the true power of the mind and its ability to cope and overcome high stress situations. I learned what it meant to be humble. What it meant to lose everything and still find a reason to appreciate every day.

The experience forever shifted the way I thought about the world around me.

I no longer clung to unnecessary pain and stories of what happened to me, and found a new inspiration I called saying yes to rock bottom. Through my own trauma I was able to find the silver lining in the midst of disaster, and it inspired me to get back into school and help others realize their own full potential - no matter what life presented to them.

Being cheated on was bright moment of sorrow and truth again. At that very same moment I realized I loved myself far too much to allow someone to treat me with anything but genuine love and kind intentions.

I remembered every lesson I learned when I hit rock bottom the year before. I stood my ground and everything changed overnight.

Once again I had to relearn what it meant to love myself. To set healthy boundaries. To have faith that the universe always has my back, and is always in the background finding ways to say, Gabe - never forget how much you are loved.

When my relationship crumbled it was also finals week and there was tension at home, in the classroom and practically everywhere I turned.

A friend who came into my life at the same time wanted nothing more than to remind me again of my own light in the midst of chaos.

One night I fell asleep after hours of crying and affirmations. He wrote, “you are loved,” on a random page that I didn’t see it until days later.

Sure enough I let out many tears of joy stumbling upon these kind words again!

I believe everyone comes into our life for a reason, and moments like these are all part in the universe trying to find a way to remind us all - never forget how much you are loved.

David Wade, Lorena, Shu and Jeffrey said thanks.

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Gabriel Vega

A highly motivated compassionate young professional, dedicated to making a difference in community advocacy through holistic healing with special interest in at-risk and disenfranchised groups. I have a passion for writing and I consider myself the voice of the voiceless in my community.

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