Mindfulness on Hermit Lake (Day Nineteen) Spirituality : humankind is predestined to discover the spiritual patterns of the universe

April 18th, 2014, 1pm

So what color was Jesus the Christ?

Red: Jesus was a master magician who turned water into wine, walked on water and feed hundreds of people with a couple loaves of bread and fish. Magic God

Amber: Jesus was the Messiah, the Eternal Truth-bringer. Only those who believe in Christ as their savior will reach everlasting life. Mythic God

Orange: Jesus of Nazareth was both fully human and divine. One can believe in the blessed life through Christ Jesus but can also accept the idea that others might discover their own spirituality through different forms of worship. Rational God

Green: Christ’s consciousness exists within all beings. It is one’s mission to discover and respect personal divinity and that within all people. Wide diversity of spiritual paths is recognized and respected. Christianity is one path among many, none better or worse than the other. Pluralistic God

Teal: The universal Christ consciousness can be found in all things, everywhere, in everyone, and in every perspective. There is unity and fellowship with people of all faiths, while the special teachings and divinity of Christ remains sacred and an endless source of rich happiness. Integral God

Integral Life Practice Wilber, Patten, Leonard & Morelli

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Duane Kuss

A passionate entrepreneur, publisher and author with 16 tons of life experience. Duane's most recent book is "Dance With The Elephant - Life's Cosmic Equation", a self-discovery book that can change the way you look a life. http://DanceWithTheElephant.us

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