January 31st, 2014, 12pm

There is a magician in Massachusetts. He can make your voice sound better because he has a way with microphones. You send him your affordable device, he casts his magic spells and upgrades it to the level of units almost ten times the original cost. For instance, one of his spells exchanges the standard capsule in your microphone for a much better one. He transforms the electronics within. He thoroughly evaluates the success of his magic. Only then your microphone can be called a transformer, and will bear the magician’s logo. It even looks better that way, rightfully proud of itself.

If you need proof, just say so.

Jack, Lily, Cassie, Philippe and 2 others said thanks.

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Marcus Hammerschmitt

Writer, journalist and photographer. Eighteen books so far, on paper and on screen. My biography is boring, my life is not.

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