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The Upgrade.

by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — When I was recovering from my appendectomy earlier this year the “need” arose. The need for web pages to stop crashing, the need for the ability to post on Facebook without my iPad seizing up, the need to watch videos on Flipboard and Instapaper without the screen going suddenly black. On the left of this photo is my iPad 1 with its overly-protective cover. I bought both right before going on a s...

Retreats, mountains, Today's office

Pre-publish Banff views

by Craig Mod

Banff — And now post-published. Snow finished, mountains dusted. Clouds lifted. All the trees little matchsticks. A billion pins in rock. Not quite a billion words, but a few million, from this wonderful com...

A dead bat makes its own small coffin.

by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — We love the bats in our yard and at night watch them flap through the yard catching mosquitos. We found this one on the back lawn all curled into itself. It’s hard to say what may have killed it. I ...


Listen to Luis; drawing to hone observation skill

by Vivien Leung

Toronto — I think the super talented Luis Mendo has started a drawing movement on this platform. At least I found another person who got inspired like me today, “listened to Luis” and went drawing. Funny enough...

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