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It's gonna be so tough to break her heart.

by Jonathan Henning

København k — Copenhagen, midnight, the stoop across the street. Two months abroad, two days in town, two dozen Skype calls, and at least one sleepless night later, here I am, back with her again - or about to be - and I know it’s over. In my mind it’s been over for weeks and the problem is, that this tall slender talented beautiful sexy and sad Danish girl whose breasts I’ve called home for the past six months...

Copenhagen hides a ton of these small, lovely gems. Find the knight in the seal. Yeah, that is nice, right?

by Mark Jensen

København n — The city seal sits on the wall at Blågård Skole, in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen. It’s the most ethnic part of this town, and an overall wonderful place; Griffenfeldsgade right around the corne...

Thinking about using 'hi' as a vehicle for fiction writing. Real locations as inspiration for unreal stories?

by Kasper Kofoed

København sv — Basically my thoughts are as follows: On on hand, made-up stories could seem like a waste of ‘Copenhagen space’. When people look at a moment from a local café, then they might be confused by a story...

Morning, Winter

Mornings treasure.

by Anna Frejlev

Gentofte — Sky colored in washed blue. A seagull with pink wings colored by sun rays. First frost on magnolia’s leaf. A girl with enormous scarf. A little dog in a fur jacket. Crumbled thin ice. Snow looking li...

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