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by Craig Mod

Kade — Hello, I say. Hello, she says. What’s your name? Ophelia. Her name is Ophelia. She says this and then gives me the look — the look I get from so many of the Africans, the look I initially misread but, now, think (foolishly) I understand. The same silly “understanding” that fuels imperialists and missionaries, I suppose. The look: It’s a hard look. A tough look. A facade. A suspicion, rightfull...

Tales from the Sub-Saharan, Prose

Anonymous and the market children

by Craig Mod

Adeiso — Oh, to be anonymous again. To be a nobody. What a gift. This is what I thought to myself sitting here in Barcelona after a few weeks in Ghana. I had been at the cafe for hours and was able to feign...

Africa, Portraits

Sammy the prophet

by Craig Mod

West akim — Africa burns my eyes and sets my nerves on edge. He tells me this is a country in which everything is out to hurt you, white man — the insects, the water, the Nigerian road marauders. Nigerian road ...

Design, Cities

When design is not responsive....

by Samuel Alomenu

Accra — This is the Bush highway in Accra. And if you are guessing why it’s called the Bush highway: It was named after the American president called Bush. I think it is the second Bush. If you’re wondering...

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