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When design is not responsive....

by Samuel Alomenu

Accra — This is the Bush highway in Accra. And if you are guessing why it’s called the Bush highway: It was named after the American president called Bush. I think it is the second Bush. If you’re wondering how Ex-president Bush got a major highway in Accra named after him, don’t think too hard. Money can buy anything. And the ex-president Bush, gave the Ghana government free money, and that’s how. But...

Airports, The Pain of Flying

Everyone say a prayer now …

by Craig Mod

Accra — Oh, look. Here they come. Finally, we think in unison. Everyone vie now for a front-row seat. It’s a fact: the first person to see the suitcase owns the suitcase. Six, seven, eight arrive, then noth...

Thoughts, #Nowhere, Moments

Stars are ghosts because of clouds , because of blinding lights

by Samuel Alomenu

Accra — Edem. A beautiful tender soul. Her face has never appeared to me so clearly before; and she is smiling. Sometimes we totally forget but these beautiful people always remain with you; even when memorie...

Depression, Mental Health

What Nobody Tells You About (Debilitating) Depression.

by Sel X

Accra — These days there is a lot of talk about depression everywhere. A lot of campaigns that raise awareness and erode stigma. Campaigns that tell you its okay to feel like this, you’re not alone, there are...

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