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Life, beautiful, Change


by Mohammed Shahrukh

Bengaluru — “WHY DO” Why do Sweetest Dreams has changed to sleepless night. Why do Lovely Conversation has changed to Terrible Fight. Why do Beautiful places has Changed to Worst Sight. Why do People not doing the things That are Right. Why the Half world has too much to eat, But another Half has to live their life on diet. Why the Half world is on Plane, But another Half spend their life, flying a Kite...

Internet, Infrastructure, India

Why no amount of Innovations can't help without basics

by Binu Alex

Bengaluru — Why a lot of Engineering talent or Startups can’t solve any real life problems in India I am at Bangalore airport after a 4 day stay here attending the Surge Tech Conference. If people like Dave Mclu...

What I learnt from my dog?

by Harish Murthy

Bengaluru — Hello readers Hope you all are doing well. Be the person whom your dog thinks you are.-J.W Stephens. The world is in a paradox mode actually, people are killing each other and coming in groups and ...

Does a leader need to be a good manager..... A discussion

by Prakash Kulkarni

Bengaluru — Good leaders and good mangers are each vitally important to any system, organization, society as a whole. Both have management functions and jobs. Each help for the future to become reality. A leader ...

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