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Singapore is a photographer's paradise. It's full of amazing architecture, often has amazing sunsets and sunrises due to being in the tropics and also has cool things like lasers shows.

by Conor MacNeill

Singapore — Thankfully one of these laser shows happens twice a night at the Marina Bay Sands and I took this chance to capture it. I was out walking with my good friend of over a decade, Celia. She has been living and working in Singapore for a number of years and was giving me the lowdown. We had reached the marina / bay and she had to take a phone call, so I saw this as an opportunity and nipped down to t...

Three Years

by Josef K

Singapore — It’s getting on for three years. Three years that passed in a flash, a haze, a whirl. Fortune tellers, Chinese physicians, numerologists. Bee hoon, fish head curries, and Popiah. I love this part of ...

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Pico Iyer talked last year at the Singapore Writers Festival about how one could have travel experiences even within one's own city simply by going to a new neighborhood.

by Peter Morgan

Singapore — I was in an air-conditioned taxi talking to a colleague and only dimly aware of where we were. Suddenly I knew we were close to where I was going to get out and could easily walk whereas the driver wo...

Cafe Views, Coffee, Coffee Shops

Starbucks and a Kindle..

by Josef K

Singapore — Sat in our old Starbucks choosing the next book to read. This was never a time to read but a time to catch up. I miss her.

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