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Peach picking

by Spyridon Simotas

Charlottesville — Yesterday we went peach picking. Chiles Peach Orchard is outside Charlottesville. “Follow the signs to Crozet”. But don’t miss the exit to 250 west. Because this is what we did and we had to turn all the way back and start again. Eventually, we got there when the rain had calmed down. The place would smell like an open jar of peach jam. There were more peaches on the ground than on the trees. When...

The blue room of meditation

by Spyridon Simotas

Charlottesville — In this Lutheran church’s basement, a small group of TM practitioners gather every Thursday afternoon to meditate. Last Thursday was my first time. I like the matching color of the room and the couch....

Weather, Winter

Polar Vortex

by Spyridon Simotas

Charlottesville — Evidence everywhere!


by Spyridon Simotas

Charlottesville — This is on First St. Right next to where I live. I see it everytime I pass by, and everytime I slow down to contemplate. It is both familiar and strange. Familiar because it takes my back to my own co...

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