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Cure for Cabin Fever

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — I share this trail report I submitted to the Skinny Ski Trail site used by Cross Country Skiers in the upper Great Lakes Region. Very satisfying! Nice snow base and even a trail groomed and classic track set in this season of stingy snow. I skied the Biskey Ponds Ski Trails three times this week, each time adding more distance as my muscles shaped up. The trail is in fine condition considering ...


Like, I'm in Theater 7!

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — I am at Vitta Pizza sitting next to three young people, like college age, who are … like … talking using lots and lots and lots ‘likes’. They used at least one each clause or sentence. More inter...

Thoughts, Conversations

"Have you ever flown?" I asked him. "Not really," he replied.

by Janet Yeh

Duluth — “Not since I was younger, maybe,” He conceded, with one corner of his mouth turned upwards. Wry. “Everything feels different when you’re younger. Like there’s some sort of invincible lightness in you ...

Art, music, wisdom

Remembering Jean Redpath

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — Jean Redpath the great Scottish ballad singer has died. For decades I have thanked her for a bit of life-guiding wisdom. At least, I attribute it to her although I can find no written reference: “We h...

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