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I didn't expect to find me here

by John Pull

Houston — I came to Houston to see the James Turrell exhibition, not realizing I’d also have the chance to see the Rothko Chapel and sit beside the Barnett Newman reflecting pool. The chapel provides books for meditation, and a copy of the I Ching fell open to the hexagram for Peace (Tai). It was described as unobstructed union. I wondered if, like Turrell’s installations that present projected light the vi...

He annoys me by his existence.

by Theresa Quintanilla

Houston — My name is Princess Charlotte of Hermann but everyone calls me Charlie. I live in a high-rise apartment overlooking Hermann Park. I like to sit in the windows and enjoy the view. On the floor is the s...

Life, writing, not knowing

The art of not knowing

by :DD L

Houston — During my last year of college, I took a creative fiction writing course on a whim. Even though I was an English major, I had never created stories since I was a child. I just enjoyed reading them thr...

Southern urban charm

by Theresa Quintanilla

Houston — The Garden Center in Hermann Park is going to be torn down and replaced by a grander building which will be able to host elaborate weddings. I’ve never been inside the current structure but I love it’...

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