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You are loved

by Gabriel Vega

Rindge — One night there was lunar eclipse that changed my life forever. They say when there is an eclipse it’s a huge explosion of accumulated energy. Everything that is hidden is illuminated. Everything we fear most we confront. I was hurt very bad that night by a significant other and found out I was cheated on. The year before I had to run from an abusive relationship. Surviving domestic abuse swept ...

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Bittersweet package of loans, graduation tickets and my cap and gown

by Gabriel Vega

Rindge — Welp. Here I am. The last stretch in my college career. In less than three weeks I’ll be graduating with a double major in English and Mass Communications. It’s surreal to think I begin graduate scho...

Views from a window, Thoughts, Rainy days

Grey skies and a lot of optimism

by Gabriel Vega

Rindge — I stare out of this window with a smirk as I playback a days worth of complaints from passerby’s about the weather. “Why does it have to rain today?! It’s too wet. It’s so ugly outside. I’m so over i...


Looking forward at Franklin Pierce: A bittersweet walk through the Graphic Arts hallways.

by Gabriel Vega

Rindge — I never thought I’d be leaving Franklin Pierce in the midst of so many cultural shifts. Franklin Pierce no longer offer majors or minors in American studies, theater and dance, graphic communications,...

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