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Prose, Great Ceilings

"I emptied my mind of all thought, and in its absence was light."

by John Pull

Washington — When was the last time you simply sat? This is a sketch about me, the Pope, and Louis CK. For once, Glenn was a little late and I was a little early. I sat on the bench in the Madison lobby watching the lunchers file past and out into the October day. My impulse was to check my email, the weather, the headlines. Glenn would arrive in anywhere from 30 seconds to 4 minutes, so of course I reach...

Winter, airbnb, artist

What are we all doing here anyway?

by Dani Z

Washington — A couple of weeks ago I was lying in bed in my Airbnb, up to my ears in blankets, listening to the wind howl outside and seep in through cracks in the windows next to me. The heater in the hall outsid...

Seeing, Clouds, Shared experience

Diffusion Filter

by John Pull

Washington — Throughout the day and the evening friends, acquaintances, even strangers would ask, “Were you outside at 2pm today? Wasn’t that the most beautiful light you’ve ever seen?” The cloud pattern seen ab...


Excursion...s indeed.

by Mona Nomura

Washington — We pop open the fourth bottle of house Prosecco at house pricing but the quality doesn’t matter right now: we are happy. The presidential debate is on the big screen and every time one of the candidat...

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