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Addiction, Robots, Feelings

All I want to do is to feel, but I guess we can just get high by the beach.

by Henk Holveck

West hollywood — I’m going to start with a tiny background, a surface level framework of what makes up Henk. I grew up with two parents, one a biological mother, the other an adoptive father which at five years old I didn’t know what that meant, I just knew my dad was special. I’d tell everyone, “I was adopted by my dad, but not my mom.” Not knowing 15 years later that may be one of the hardest things I would have...

friendship, free write, wanderlust

Perhaps this will be more although the easiest lie is just to leave it to God.

by Henk Holveck

West hollywood — The third beginning, spontaneous yet again. My fingers are growing tired of writing unexpected goodbyes. Hoping that this one as all the others, you might be able to give your fingers a break. If all ...

Dating, Sadness, Heartbreak

your feet will be cut leading you to the tomb you all built.

by Henk Holveck

West hollywood — If the time machine wasn’t just wishful thinking. I would go back to our sweet beginnings, Spending days where it felt so natural. Days with no animosity, no anger, jealousy or regret. No despair,...

Vanity, almost Lover, only in fairy Tales

it's almost as if you don't believe what your feeling, you make it a dream.

by Henk Holveck

West hollywood — As I mentioned in my previous article, people don’t like to feel right now it’s 2:34 am, and I am the best example of that article at this moment. It’s almost as if I had a premonition and, as a resu...

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