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The Human Donkeys

by Binu Alex

Vautha — Early this morning three donkeys from Ahmedabad, including myself, woke up at 4, got ready half an hour later and set out 50 kilometers to watch something that even the state tourism department and information department have no idea about. We were informed by them that a donkey fair is held every year at Vautha and we set out on their wisdom only to find the fair got over. We congratulated outsel...

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The Taste Makers

by Binu Alex

Surendranagar — Salt is an ingredient of taste. But the salt makers brave harsh weather to produce them. Salt is sold to traders at price less than trash. In Gujarat’s Little Rann of Kutch, they are now working under...

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Made for Maids

by Binu Alex

Ahmedabad — Maids form a major part of any Indian household. They are an indispensable lot that people can live without their spouse but not without their maids. Maids are feminine in nature, but most of the hous...

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Dwindling Artisans

by Binu Alex

Ahmedabad — Do we have artisans in India? Their tribe is getting reduced day in and day out leaving everything to machines. Even Handicrafts (where hands form a major part) are also made in machines. Most of the ...

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