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Morning, Happiness, coffe shops

A lesson on morning happiness

by Ricardo Magalhães

London — We complain about our jobs. A lot, usually. There’s always something not right. “It’s too hard”, “It’s so demanding!”, “It’s so ungrateful…”, “Oh, the people I have to deal with… argh” And yet I don’t think I’ll ever be as happy as the barista in training who, today at 8h30 at the incredibly busy Costa in Greenwich, while he was pouring my Americano, couldn’t stop singing and shaking his h...

Morning, Sun

Good morning Tokyo sun.

by Luis Mendo

Tokyo — Every morning since I came to Tokyo 7 months ago, I wake up being happy and privileged I can live here. I greet the buildings, the crows, the salary man who rushes down my street and the monks from th...

Morning, summer

Waking in Florence

by Simon Collison

Florence — I awake to a beautiful Summer’s morning in the Boboli District. The heat has me out of bed unusually early and I find myself on our balcony garden, looking across the terracotta rooftops of Florence. ...

Coffee, Morning, Travel

My kinda Sunday

by Christine Herrin

Portland — Safe and warm (and out of the crazy rain!) in the corner of a cozy little lobby. I hear cocktail shakers to my left, the click, click, clicks of coffee grinders to my right. Oh, the coffee! A smile o...

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