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Goodbye...Hasta la proxima....

by Dani Z

Sitges — I remember when I was about to leave for Asia, or for South America, or for Portugal. Each time I left with a backpack that contained a few pieces of clothing, minimal toiletries and something to read. I remember getting off the plane in Bangkok, in Lisbon, in Cartagena, and feeling feather-light, somehow closer to whoever it was I thought I was. This time is different. I have lived in Barcelona ...

moving, Cross-Country Adventure

#1 We're relocating to Seattle, taking 3 weeks to drive there. Seeing the country is almost as exciting as the destination itself.

by Pamela Drouin

Tampa — Our journey begins at the end of May, when we pile ourselves into the van above. While this particular picture is from a camping trip last year, it serves as a visual of what we’re traveling in: the c...

Travel, moving, migrate

That plane that took us away from everything we had as certain.

by Luis Mendo

Amsterdam airport schiphol — One of the exercises we had to do in meditation class was to imagine you boarded a boat and left behind everything you had as certain: work, family, friends… to go into a trip into the unknown. That’...

moving, Philosophy, Reality

Moving is moving

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Kirchheim unter teck — It is understood that moving makes you susceptible to movements of the soul. Yet rarely we acknowledge that moving means experiencing the world as a multitude of interconnected, moveable fragments. Mo...

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