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Ireland, childhood, Prose

Today, I taught my child to say "ephemeral".

by Evan Payne

Kerry — I remember when I first learned that marvellous, heartbreaking word. It was while reading Le Petit Prince, and the word was “éphémère”. Our teacher helped us grasp the meaning by comparing it to a shooting star in the sky, or a sandcastle on the beach. For the little prince, it was an essential part of a life worth living. Standing on the coast near our home, watching my daughter draw a castle...

Babies, Prose, Parenthood

Chocolate pacification

by Craig Mod

Mitaka — A year ago it was grapes. Now it’s chocolate. Or whatever we happen to have. RAH RAH! he screams and dances and smiles and laughs. He ate two pieces of dark Peruvian chocolate and a sugar cube. He wi...

Remembering, Parenthood

My grandmother and I, 36 years ago.

by Paul Baron

Le vésinet — She passed away last week in her 90th year after having held 14 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren in her arms. Merci Mamie.

Babies, Holy Places, Parenthood

Babies and grapes.

by Craig Mod

London — When we purchased the bag of grapes early in the morning at Borough Market — one of the oldest in London — I had no idea just how useful they’d turn out to be. We hung them on the back of the strolle...

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