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Sometimes, as a travel photographer, I go to a country and really want to get a particular shot. This was one of them.

by Conor MacNeill

Guilin — I had seen a lot of shots of the famous cormorant fishermen around south China and really wanted to get an image of these guys myself. I had already formed an idea in my head, which can lead to a crushing disappointment when you don’t fulfill it. I rose at 04:00 and took a car down to the Li River in Yangshuo, Guilin. As I saw this fisherman near the shore, I grabbed my camera from my bag, but al...

Africa, Portraits, Travel


by Craig Mod

Kade — Hello, I say. Hello, she says. What’s your name? Ophelia. Her name is Ophelia. She says this and then gives me the look — the look I get from so many of the Africans, the look I initially misread ...


What you need to be a photographer.

by Daniel Milnor

Santa fe — Shoes. Good shoes. Okay, maybe even GREAT shoes. These are mine, photographed moments before they were shucked and torn apart and then rebuilt by a master craftsman in Santa Fe. A man who has been do...

photography, Travel, Aurora

I'd never seen the northern lights before. I'd heard that they were meant to be amazing, but nothing quite prepared me for what I saw that night.

by Conor MacNeill

West — The aurora borealis is currently the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in this world and I have a feeling that is unlikely to change any time soon. What really hooked me was the feeling that this green a...

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