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The bike messenger is a nazi

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Tübingen — In summertime you can see the signs on his arms, his legs and his neck. It’s the usual variety of nazi symbols just beneath the threshold for prosecution (displaying a swastika approvingly is illegal in Germany). He’ll grow older with all that hard to remove shit on his skin, pedaling away like a slave under minimum wage conditions, while indulging in grandiose fantasies of revenge, supremacy and...

Art, Culture, Politics

Capital of culture?

by Steve Dearden

Leeds — Here are the cultural players of Leeds sitting around tables with white table cloths at an open meeting to discuss whether Leeds should apply to be the European Capital of Culture 2023. Just a discuss...

Loss, Politics, England


by Steve Dearden

Toronto — I am a long way from home, went online to see how England had done in the European Cup game and learnt the terrible news of the attack on Jo Cox MP then, minutes later, her death. This photo taken ye...

places, Politics, Urbanism

The best way for Rob Ford (or any of us) to start rebuilding Toronto

by Shane Schick

Toronto — Unless you have kids — your own, your siblings’, or perhaps a friend’s kids you’re entertaining for the day — you may never have reason to visit the LegoLand Discovery Centre. Assuming he continues ...

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