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Rain, tokyo, Shinjuku

Rainy season

by Héctor García

Tokyo — The rainy season usually starts at the beginning of June and ends around the 3rd week of July, although some years it doesn’t end until early August. When asked about advice I tend to say that this is not a good time to travel to Japan. It rains virtually every day, although the rain is not very intense. It feels as if it was drizzling all day and being very hot at the same time. It is somewhat un...

rose, Rain, Fall

Something beautiful remains

by Sanna Karlsson

Örebro — A good sunday, or as good as they come. Took a stroll in the rain. Such a typical sunday activity, a sunday way to distract the mind. The earphones stayed unused in a pocket. Didn’t mind the silence, ...

Rain, city, Thoughts

The urban summer rain

by Ricardo Magalhães

London — It begins with a drop. Then a long, very long pause. The urban Summer rain feels unexpected. You feel it to be a bit more wet in the skin, compared to that predictable winter rain which hits your umb...

pen-pal, Rain, gratitude

It took a moment for the words to sink in...

by Aparna K

Lucknow — It took a moment for the words to sink in, but it still felt nice, and my heart sighed, knowing that someone, somewhere far far away who just knows me through my words, remembers me, when it rains…

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