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Food, Culture, Society

Baking the ultimate Universal language

by Ricardo Magalhães

Campo — In Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Africa? Probably. Australia, for sure. There’s always something, little things if you will, that unite nations and cultures together. They’re not always easy to spot, but there are thoughts and actions that act as common ground, something we all can relate to no matter where we come from and who’s surrounding us, from the West or from the East. It’s wonderful bu...


A new day's dawn

by Atef Ben Nasser

Tunis — it was a regular january morning, I was driving myself for 66km (42 miles) to my modern slavery workplace. The road is near empty and my only companion is the sun struggling to shine behind the gloom...

Thoughts, Politics, Society

Centre Left, Centre Right

by Binu Alex

Ahmedabad — A very interesting division is slowly nurturing in social media. It is now vertically divided into two parts. Half follow, comment, share and support only one side of any story – whether fabricated or...

Dreams, Society, racism

➜ ŤĦƐ ṀȪƝṨŤƎṞ The monster is always another one.

by Didier LAHELY

Bordeaux — ➜ ŤĦƐ ṀȪƝṨŤƎṞ The monster is always another one*. The monster is always a stranger. The monster is Weird. The monster always come where you live. Near you. In YOUR town, in YOUR Country. The monster ...

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