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The Tokyo model, 1:1000

by Craig Mod

Shibuya-ku — I was invited to view a 1:1000 scale model of Tokyo today. It felt … liturgical. Like bearing witness to a holy object. It was WEIRD — let’s just say that — the response I found myself having to this thing. The model is INSANELY detailed. Borgesian, fractal. Everything is constructed and printed at 300dpi and you feel like you could fall headfirst into any corner of it. I’m not sure you can be...

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3 Artists, 2 NYers, a Photographer, and Ebisu Tour Pt. II: the Snack Bar

by Mona Nomura

Tokyo — The Snack Bar or Dagashi Bar in Japanese is on a corner of a small street, one block away from the lively food alley of Ebisu. If you didn’t know of its existence you would most likely miss it no matt...

drawing, tokyo, Endurance

Learning to let go

by Adrian Hogan

Tokyo — On the way back from the Immigration Office to the city I stopped to draw Tokyo Bay. The sketch was almost complete when a gust of wind blew the loose page from my hand. I watched helplessly as it slo...

Life, tokyo

Never farewell.

by Mona Nomura

Tokyo — “I saw you from the podium when you walked into the room.” he said. “Mmhmmm.” I respond skeptically. He looks back at me amused. We exchange smiles. I am seeing him for the first time in a couple of y...

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