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Prose, Island, Vacation

A taxi, a plane, a shuttle, a bus, a car, a ferry, a golf cart - all for this sunrise.

by Kristen Taylor

Quintana roo — A requirement is that it must be difficult to arrive. A requirement is that the wifi be flaky and intermittent. A requirement is hammocks. A requirement is fruit. A requirement is sun bright enough that no one cares or watches as I peel off layers of winter gloom, down to an old bikini with wooden beads on patterned straps that can be untied as I lie on my stomach and admit defeat. A requirement i...

Cross country Odyssey, Airports, Vacation

Dulles feels like it's straight out of the 60's. Makes you realize how much of today is built on the past.

by Mike Donohue

Sterling — It’s a strange feeling to have your entire life strapped to your back. There is, of course, the burgeoning ache in your shoulders feeling the tug of worldly possessions, the complaints from feet and ...

Vacation, Philosophy

Things learned while in Tulum

by Lia Pas

Tulum — After three months of wearing boots and socks, do not wear flip flops on my first exploration of town. Even if it is raining. Pack antibiotic ointment next time. Leather softens more quickly than blis...

mexico, Vacation, Food

goth Mayan oyakodon

by Lia Pas

Tulum — When we lived in Japan one of my favorite dishes was oyakodon which loosely translates as “mother and child over rice”. Now in our household any dish with chicken and eggs is referred to as “okyako”. ...

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