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Kumano Kodo, Views from a window

All morning, a village in fog

by Craig Mod

Nachikatsuura — These are my criteria, he said: First, we must be physically high. High up on some perch where the good energy flows. High enough so there is something to look down upon. High enough so that when you gaze forward out the window, you will be greeted with mostly sky, some land. No higher, no lower. Second, we need light. Lots of it. South facing is best, of course (for those of us in the northern ...

Architecture, Views from a window


by Cassie Marketos

Berlin — “Who designed these buildings?” I asked. “When were they built? What year specifically?” “Were they meant to prove something?” “What happens here?” “They’re made with lots of glass because democrac...

Views from a window, Books

too many, not enough...

by Stephen Scott

Tokyo — I came to the realisation several years ago that I had more books in my collection than I would ever be able to read during my lifetime. Yet I continue to buy them — even ones in languages I can’t re...

Views from a window, Hotels, Beautiful Light

Beautiful late evening sunlight.

by Craig Mod

Wellington — I’m in Wellington, New Zealand, a point on a map, but my soul — as William Gibson likes to say — is lagged. Somewhere over the Pacific. Lost. I was in Tokyo yesterday and San Francisco just a few days...

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