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Resolutions, Solitude

#2: How to be alone.

by Aaron Palabyab

Lungsod quezon — I wrote a #1, so I figured, why not keep going? Resolution #2: learn how to be alone. It sounds ironic coming from me. I’ve spent my whole life “alone,” relationship-wise, and I’ve managed to travel solo for months, but I still don’t think I’m much good at it. We’re constantly hearing how important it is to be our own person, to have high self-esteem, to stand apart, to be ourselves —- yet we s...

Love, Resolutions

#1: Learn to receive love.

by Aaron Palabyab

Makati — My meditation this morning was about how to receive love. Hungover and unable to focus after New Year’s celebrations, I wasn’t too impressed by the thought: Who doesn’t want love? But then I remembe...

Travel, Wonder

You belong to the world, and the world is in you.

by Aaron Palabyab

Lungsod quezon — Finally finished and shared my film, a heartfelt ode to travel, inspired by my two months traveling in Latin America. My buddy Christine Herrin did a wonderful job with the handwritten lettering you s...

Coffee, cafes

Life is too short to have bad coffee.

by Christine Herrin

City of pasig — Or so it says on the chalk board in front of me. I sample their cappuccino—good, the only thing keeping it from being truly “epic” (what the cafe calls itself) is the fact that they used chocolate syr...

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